Graduate name Steph Flynn
Degrees and University Chemistry (MSci), Inorganic Chemistry (PhD) – University of Bristol
Sponsor NDA
Secondments Undertaken Strategy Development Lead, NDA, Risk Practitioner, Sellafield Ltd, Commercial Graduate, INS, Graduate Scientist/Engineer, Arup.

Describe a typical day as a nucleargraduate?

There was no typical day, and that’s the beauty of the scheme! From fitting in footprints activities (STEM engagement, planning our International Footprints trip to Canada), running an SME, completing training courses and then trying to cram in as much learning from your secondment, the day-to-day experience was never dull.

How has the training provided by nucleargraduates helped with your professional development?

It has helped me develop confidence in myself and my abilities in the work place. During the scheme you’re thrown into so many unusual situations, that you have to adapt to quickly – an incredibly useful skill to have.

The scheme also gave me a really great introduction to the nuclear sector, particularly decommissioning, which has been of great help during my role post-scheme.

What is your magic moment during your time on the nucleargraduates programme?

Definitely our international footprints visit to Canada – specifically, visiting parliament in the snow!

This whole week was jam packed with visiting some key establishments associated with the entirety of the nuclear fuel cycle – this included visiting a fuel manufacturing facility, operational power station and visiting the national research labs.

What advice would you give a future nucleargraduate?

Make the most of the two years that you are on scheme! The time passes really quickly, and the freedom you get to shape your own career is completely unparalleled. You’ll find that ex-nucleargraduates are EVERYWHERE within the industry – make the most of this automatic network of contacts!