Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who's behind the nucleargraduates scheme?

A. nucleargraduates is backed by over twenty different organisations who work within the nuclear industry. However, it has been designed and put together by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). This is a public body set up by the Government to ensure the safe, accelerated and affordable clean-up of the UK's civil nuclear legacy.

Q. How long does the scheme take to complete?

A: This scheme lasts for two years. This includes three eight-month secondments based in the UK and with the potential for an international secondment dependent on your sponsor and development plan.

Q. Why is the scheme happening now?

A. The nuclear industry needs a new influx of graduates to take on a variety of challenges. These include the decommissioning of existing nuclear power plants and the construction of a new generation of nuclear power stations, which have recently been given the go-ahead by governments in the UK and worldwide.

Q. What kind of graduates are you looking for?

A. We're looking for all kinds of graduates to join us across three areas: engineering, science and commercial. While there's always a great need for science and engineering graduates in the nuclear industry, we're also keen to attract those who have studied other disciplines. In short, we need intelligent, passionate and open minded graduates.

Q. Will I have a guaranteed job at the end of the scheme?

A. Throughout the two years on the programme you will work with your sponsor and nucleargraduates to follow a development plan that will help you develop on a personal and professional level, working towards chartership with a relevant professional institute and developing the skills that your sponsor is looking for so that you can secure a job offer from them before completion of the programme. NDA sponsored graduates will have a similar level of support but the focus will be in helping you to find out which sector of the nuclear industry you are looking to work in and will support you in securing a job in that sector.

Q. Can nucleargraduates offer me a placement or internship?

A. Unfortunately we are unable to offer placements or internships.